Protective and lubricating agents


Product Information        

Protection and Lubrication of Electrical Equipment.

PROLUB protects spare parts and all metal surfaces from rust and corrosion during storage and transport. lt lubricates all moving parts of precision instruments and electrical equipment. lt also loosens dirt, rust scale and seized up parts, displaces water and moisture, restores resistance value and electrical properties and stops short circuits.

Technical Data
Color yellowish
Odor characteristic, mild
Dichte 0,82 g/cm³
Boiling range of the solvents 180°C - 210°C
Viscosity oil (40° C) 32 mm2 /s
Specific gravity (20° C) 3 mm2 /s
Lubrication property up to 790 kg (Falex)
Film thickness 1 - 2 µm
Dielectric strength 31,5 kV
Unit Sizes 400 ml
5/20 l
Units/Carton 12 Spray cans (400 ml)
4 Canisters (5 l)
1 Canister (20 l)
Art.-Nr. 1601611 (400 ml)
160854 (5 l)
160860 (20 l)