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Transparent Protective Conformal Coating for PC Boards and Electronic Components.

PLASTIK is based on an acrylic resin particularly suitable for electronics. lt forms a shiny, flexible and protective film, that is resistant to acids, salt, fungus, corrosive vapours, thermal stress, mechanical abuse, alkalis, alcohol, moisture, and tough environmental conditions. lt retains its effectiveness within a wide range of temperatures from -70°C to +120°C. PLASTIK adheres to various materials such as metal, plastics, wood, cardboard, glass, etc. lt does not drip and permits soldering through its own layer.

PLASTIK conforms with t MIL-I-460580 C „Type Acrylic Resin".

Technical Data
Color transparent
Odor solvent
Drying conditions at 25 min dry to touch
48 h totally cured
Specific gravity (20° C) 0,88 g/cm³
Viscosity 12s (DIN 53211)
Resistance to acids, salt, corrosive vapors,
thermal stress, alkalis, moisture
Temperature resistance -70°C bis +120°C
Dielectric strength 21 kV/mm
Surface resistance 5 x 1014 Ohm
Insulation resistance 1014 Ohm
Coverage 5 - 8 m2 /400 ml can
Unit Sizes 400 ml
1/5/20 l
Units/Carton 12 Spray cans (400 ml)
12 Tins (1 l)
4 Canisters (5 l)
1 Canister (20 l)
Art.-Nr. 1201611 (400 ml)
120841 (1 l)
120854 (5 l)
120860 (20 l)