* NEW * - non-flammable Aerosols


Product Information        

Quickly Tracks Thermal Intermittents, Cools Down to -50°C.
lt ensures reliable cooling down to -50° C. lt quickly locates thermal intermittent components due to heat induced failure. The product is chemically pure, nonflammable and evaporates immediately without leaving residue.

The new product contains R1234ZE as propellant and is a substitute product for the old one containing R134A.

Technical Data
Density at 25° C    1,20 g/cm³
Odor    none
Evaporation    complete
Temperature obtained  min -50°C
Flashpoint    < 0°C
Material compatibility    very good
Unit Sizes    200/400 ml
Unit Sizes    12 Spray cans (200 ml)
12 Spray cans(400 ml)
1301411 (200 ml)
1301611 (400 ml)
1301411 (200 ml)
1301611 (400 ml)
301411 (200 ml)
301611 (400 ml)